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Y E S  I  L I K E  T H E  T V

Exhibition Opening 28th November, 6–9pm (29th November 2008 - 31st January 2009)
Solo show by Jean–Baptiste Bouvet   press release deutsch english  │  exhibition view

Essay Guillaume Ollendorff, Editor and Musician   français

Opening Showroom – Works by: Bimal , Greta Frau , Y Liver


Exhibition Opening 5th October, 3 pm (7th October - 22nd November 2008)
Solo show by Y Liver   press release deutsch english  │  exhibition view

Essay Otto Kallscheuer   deutsch italiano
Special Guests: Dimitrios Antonitsis , Artist and Curator │ Otto Kallscheuer, Philosopher and Political Scientist │
Antonio Marras (KENZO), Fashion Designer

With the kind support of: Mairie de Paris 19ème │ Università di Sassari, Facoltà di Lettere e Filosofia │ Hans-Rosenthal-Loge e.V. Berlin │ Lei e Lui (Kunstbüffet)

LA COMMEDIA - Curatorial Triptych

2nd April - 27th September 2008

Completions from:
Marisa Albanese, Elena Bajo, Norbert Bisky, Laura Bruce, Peter Freitag, Melanie Manchot, Pinuccia Marras, Warren Neidich, Marc Räder, Johannes Zits
Bonus Completion: Harmony Molina

PARADISO - SPOTLESS MIND  Exhibition Opening 2nd April, 6 - 9 pm    press release   view images
(3rd April - 10th May)

PURGATORIO - SPOTLESS (CHANGE OF) MIND  Exhibition Opening 15th May, 6 - 9 pm    press release   view images
(16th May - 28th June)

INFERNO - MINDLESS SPOT  Exhibition Opening 4th July, 6 - 9 pm    press release    view images
(5th July - 27th September)

With the kind support of: Lei e Lui (Kunstbüffet)

DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE  Event Opening 2nd May 2008, 5:30 pm    press release   view images
(3rd - 4th May)

BIMAL PROJECTS  Gallery Launch 2nd April 2008, 6 pm     view images

With the kind support of: Lei e Lui (Kunstbüffet)